We are members of the Association Nationale Pommes Poires and apply the quality charter of Integrated Fruit Production.

The Quality Charter of French apple growers

For more than 20 years, apple growers in France have been committed to a process of progress based on the principles of Integrated Fruit Production (IFP).

What is Integrated Fruit Production?

It is a method of producing high quality fruit that prioritises environmentally safe methods to improve environmental protection and food safety.

Eco-responsible orchards

Since September 2010, “eco-responsible orchards” has become the identity of fruit from orchards committed to the Quality Charter of French apple growers and a logo gives visibility to their commitment.

Working with nature is their job

A total of 1,300 apple growers, united within the National Apple and Pear Association, have committed themselves to this approach in order to offer consumers quality fruit with an unbeatable taste, produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

What does this charter guarantee?

The “Eco-responsible Orchards” designation is based on 3 inseparable pillars


The fruit from the “eco-responsible orchards” is grown in France, with respect for the men and women who produce it. They are picked by hand by qualified employees who benefit from social and health protection under French law.


The Quality Charter requires apple growers to follow controlled practices that respect the environment, the health of growers and consumers. It offers essential guarantees such as the French origin of the apples, the maintenance of the natural balance in the orchard, the traceability of the fruit from the orchard to the consumer. An external and independent body monitors compliance with these good practices.


France’s apple growers must be able to make a living from their work to ensure the sustainability of the French orchard and preserve France’s food autonomy. This production offers stable or seasonal jobs that contribute to maintaining the rural economy